Q Do I need to give my parents order forms before hand to fill out?

A No, parents will be given an order form with their child proof printed on it when pictures are taken.


Q Do parents have to order & pay on picture day?

A Yes, all orders must be placed and paid for on picture day.


Q What form of payment do you guys accept?

A We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover. We also accept local checks and cash.


Q Can my parents order online?

A We do not place images online to order after photo day.


Q Where do I check in when I arrive?

A Check in at the red table located near the photo tents, even if your full team hasn't arrived.


Q Can we take our team photo first? I have to leave.

A We do not take a full team photo, we take individual photos and make a team composite.


Q When & how will pictures be returned?

A Orders are processed and returned within 3 weeks. Delivery will depend on the agreement we have with your league,


Q I only have a couple of players on my team that want to do pictures. Can they come individually?

A Yes, please have those players come any time during the hours we are set up and we can take their individual photo.


Q Little Johnny can't make it. When is make-up day?

A We do not have a make-up day for missing players. If picture day is canceled due to inclement weather, a make-up day will be announced.


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