Q I ordered the MVP Package and didn't get any prints?

A The MVP Package is a digital package that does not include prints.


Q Can siblings and/or coaches takes pictures?

A Sure! Please have them together in back of line for individual photos.


Q What if I don't like my photos?

A We print a proof directly on the order form. If you're not happy, we're happy to retake it just let us know.


Q Do I need an order form before individual photos are taken?

A No, you will receive your order form with your childs proof printed on it immediately after individual photos are taken.


Q Can I fill out my order form ahead of time so I can have everything ready?

A No, order forms are given to parents immediately after individual photos are taken.


Q Can we take our team photo first? I have to leave.

A No, we take all individual photos first and then do the team photo


Q Love the pictures! Can I order more?

A Absolutely! Contact us here to order more


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